Summer Camp Update 21. June

We finished our camping at Skreens Park and visited Gilwell Park Scouting Center where we visited many Scouting Heritage sites. In Gilwell the troop was able to play many games including a new game to us Scouts called Aeroball!! Yesterday, we departed Dover, England and took a ferry to Calais, France. We arrived in Ypres, Belgium and spent the night at the Salient School Youth Hostel. We went out to dinner by Patrols in the old center of town which was very fun.

Today we are going to the WW1 memorial and museum before we start driving home at last. We plan to leave here at 12:30 pm and it is a 8-9 hour trip.

We are now closing out this great trip. Everyone has enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see you soon!

YIS, J.H. Troop Historian